The right reverse mortgage for you can open up new possibilities like might be able to stay in your home, in-home assistance, and more flexible arrangements with your children… with true independence and peace of mind! 

Reverse Mortgages Advantages

More and more seniors are choosing reverse mortgages to secure their golden years. Reverse mortgages can help meet their requirements and needs.
Here are some of the examples:

  1. They are living longer and outliving their incomes

  2. They want to improve their monthly cash flow

  3. They want to make sure their spouse can remain in their home

  4. They have increasingly higher medical and prescription drug costs

  5. They do not want to be a burden on their children and want to live independently

  6. They want to pay off current mortgage loans

  7. They want to provide for their grandchildren’s education

  8. They want to travel and enjoy life

  9. They want to fund in-home assistance


Reverse Mortgages Risks

While there are many advantages of a reverse mortgage, you should be aware of its risks such as:

  1. Having a reverse mortgage is using the equity of your home, you must continue paying property taxes,
    insurance and maintain your home.

  2. Having a reverse mortgage is spending your children's inheritance.

  3. Possible unseen issues from using the equity in your home.